Regulation 12 - Hold, ballast and dry space water ingress alarms
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Regulation 12 - Hold, ballast and dry space water ingress alarms

 (This regulation applies to bulk carriers regardless of their date of construction)

  1 Bulk carriers shall be fitted with water level detectors:

  • .1 in each cargo hold, giving audible and visual alarms, one when the water level above the inner bottom in any hold reaches a height of 0.5 m and another at a height not less than 15% of the depth of the cargo hold but not more than 2 m. On bulk carriers to which regulation 9.2 applies, detectors with only the latter alarm need be installed. The water level detectors shall be fitted in the aft end of the cargo holds. For cargo holds which are used for water ballast, an alarm overriding device may be installed. The visual alarms shall clearly discriminate between the two different water levels detected in each hold;

  • .2 in any ballast tank forward of the collision bulkhead required by regulation II-1/12 (now II-1/9), giving an audible and visual alarm when the liquid in the tank reaches a level not exceeding 10% of the tank capacity. An alarm overriding device may be installed to be activated when the tank is in use; and

  • .3 in any dry or void space other than a chain cable locker, any part of which extends forward of the foremost cargo hold, giving an audible and visual alarm at a water level of 0.1 m above the deck. Such alarms need not be provided in enclosed spaces the volume of which does not exceed 0.1% of the ship's maximum displacement volume.

  2 The audible and visual alarms specified in paragraph 1 shall be located on the navigation bridge.

  3 Bulk carriers constructed before 1 July 2004 shall comply with the requirements of this regulation not later than the date of the annual, intermediate or renewal survey of the ship to be carried out after 1 July 2004, whichever comes first.

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